De Mystic HD

MYSTIC HD adds heat to your tanning experience, plus an added full body
drying feature during the application process. Heating conditions the skin for maximum
absorption and provides a more inviting experience for consumers.

HD Technology = High Definition Sunless Tanning

The benefits of MYSTIC HD Technology include:

  • Heat - Optimizes the absorption for a deeper, longer lasting tan.
  • Drying - Leaves your skin soft and smooth immediately after the session.
  • Heat - Improves the customer’s overall experience with a inviting environment.
  • Drying - Accelerates the DHA development and improves the application process.

Standard Features: MYSTIC HD SYSTEM

  • MagneTan® - Our patented application technology that attracts myst to every exposed surface of the skin.
  • Airbrush Technology - Patented spraying process with a sweeping side to side airbrush motion.
  • Personal Single Use Cartridge System - This patented system gives you and your customers choices to easily customize the tanning experience.
  • Semi-Transparent Wall System - NEW semi-transparent, perforated, deco wall system creates the feeling of an open air environment without sacrificing the feeling of privacy.
  • Exhaust Fan and Filter System - Quickly captures and removes excess spray particles during the spray session, and continuously replenishes the environment with fresh air.
  • Voice Automation - Guides customers step-by-step through the entire tanning process.
  • Automated Rinse/Purge Cycle - Automatically washes down the interior after each spray session.
  • Filterless Drain Pump - Automatically removes rinse water after each cleaning cycle.
  • Tool Free Maintenance - No tools needed means easy maintenance to keep your system in top operating condition.
  • Free Technical Phone Support - Help is just a phone call away, at no charge.
  • LED Diagnostic System - LED Sensors monitors and quickly identifies any and all component failures ensuring the Mystic HD system is running properly at all times.
  • Factory Warranty - 1 year parts and service warranty.
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Mini System Controller
Easy to use for stand-alone
operation, or easily integrates
with T-Max Systems.

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